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Typical Lecture Audience Having Fun Communicating Science (Prof. Anne Glover) Electrons with Attitude (Dr. Ken Skeldon - AGM lecture) The Origins of Scottish Place Names (Ian Fraser) From Robot Wars to Rampaging Chariots (Dr. Roger Hill) The Origins of Scottish Surnames (Ian Fraser) Bioelectronics – Making Cells Dance! (Prof. Ron Pethig) Shedding Light on Future Wireless Communications (Prof. Harald Haas)

The Goudie Lectures

Although it is wonderful to have our own permanent home, we soon realised that we had our own permanent overheads as well... As we were very reluctant to charge our members and supporters more than they already generously gave, we discussed other ways of filling our coffers. We eventually hit on the idea of a monthly Lecture Programme, open to the general public. This has been a huge success and goes a long way towards making the ends meet!

We call the Programme ‘The Goudie Lectures’, in remembrance of the Museum’s greatest benefactor, Dr. George Goudie, without whose very generous financial help, we would have been unable to buy our Burntisland home.

We started by aiming high... The very first Goudie Lecture in January 2009 was given by Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Government, whose talk ‘Having Fun Communicating Science’ set a very high standard.

We are delighted to say that this high standard has been maintained, with the last few Lectures being fully booked beforehand. We keep the topics as varied as possible, so as to appeal to a wide audience….. In 2013, we went from Great Scots Who Changed the World to The Forth Replacement River Crossing, with Life at Sea as a Radio Officer and Inspiration and Invention: the Development of Photography thrown in for good measure!

2014 looks like being another very successful year. So far we've had two excellent lectures - Barry Sullivan's 'The Film Answers Back: Scottish Film Critics on World War II Propaganda' and David Brown's lecture entitled 'Room 40 - Decoding before Bletchley'.

We'd be pleased to see you at our next lecture - see our 'News' page for details.

Come and join us if you can – but remember to book a place first!