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The Museum of Communication Amateur Radio Society

CQ, CQ, CQ....... Mike, Mike, Zero, Mike, Oscar, Charlie calling!

Or, if you prefer, "This is the Museum's Callsign, MM0 MOC".

The Museum of Communication Amateur Radio Society (MoCARS) operates from a fully equipped Radio Room, using artefacts from the Collection.

MoCARS also uses some fairly modern equipment such as the Yaesu FT-102, FC-102 and Kenwood 2300 - covering CW, SSB and FM.

We hope to restore into service some of our 1940s and early 1950s equipment, including such classics as the AR88, 1154/55, HROs and Eddystone as well as standing-wave ratio meters, Morse keys and various military/naval/air force sets.

If you are a licensed amateur and a Foundation member, why not come along and help us?

Hope to hear from you soon. 73s.

John Haliburton, GM4 AQO, in the radio room

This is MOCARS' QSL card showing items from the collection.

QSL Cards

'QSL' is amateur radio jargon that means either "I confirm receipt of your transmission" or "Do you confirm receipt of my transmission?"

QSL Cards are a written confirmation of this two way communication. They detail the date, time, and Call Signs of both parties, together with relevant technical information

They are often an expression of individual creativity - carrying photos of the operator at his station, images of his home town and surrounding countryside etc.

Due to this individuality, QSL Card collecting has become a hobby in its own right.