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  1. Our Summer Exhibition 'Remember When...' runs from May until September, as usual. We take part in science festivals in Orkney and Biggar and also travel to Slovenia to present a lecture!

    We introduce several groups/schools to the MoC and our popular Goudie Lecture programme continues throughout the year.

  2. Our Summer exhibition - Wartime Advances, Peacetime Applications - runs, as usual, from May until the end of September. Our regular Burntisland lectures and outreach activities, including a display at the Museum of Flight, continue. Further lectures are given during the Orkney International Science Festival in September.

  3. Our Summer exhibition - From Flanders Fields to Flying Bombs - runs from May until the end of September. Our regular lecture programme in Burntisland continues. A series of lectures takes place during the Orkney International Science Festival in September.

  4. Successful lecture programme continues. "From Flags to Flanders Fields" runs May – September. Outreach events across Fife and in Orkney throughout the year. Visits to schools take us over 700 miles. Visits from Scouts, Brownies and schools.

  5. Lecture programme grows in popularity. Outreach events and school workshops continue to develop. "All Our Yesterdays - Life Before the Mobile" opens in May and runs until September. Lectures given at the Orkney International Science Festival in Kirkwall and North Ronaldsay.

  6. Successful lecture programme continues. Outreach events and school workshops continue. Exhibition "Attention All Shipping" runs May - September. Lectures given at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen and the Orkney Science Festival in Kirkwall.

  7. "Words, Wires, Waves and the World Wide Web" exhibition traces the history of Communication from printing to the present day. Lecture programme continues. Roadshows and Workshops are held.

  8. MoC Roadshow launched in National Science & Engineering Week. Mary Somerville added to the "Great Scots" exhibition which is running for its second year. Lecture Programme continues.

  9. Launch of Lecture Programme by Professor Anne Glover, chief scientific advisor to the Scottish government. TV appearances on BBC2 and ITV. Full Accreditation awarded. "Great Scots Who Changed the World" exhibition.

  10. "Chips With Everything" exhibition, celebrating 50 years of the Integrated Circuit and 60 years of the Transistor.

  11. "From Big Band to Broadband" exhibition, demonstrating developments in communication technology from crystal sets to the internet. First phase of building restoration programme completed.

  12. "Get the Picture" exhibition on the theme of Television, in memory of the 60th anniversary of John Logie Baird's death.

  13. Doors open to the public for the first time for brief WW2 display "VE+60".

  14. A permanent home at last! Purchase of our premises in Burntisland.

  15. Exhibition runs at the Tall Ship, Glasgow.

  16. Death of our founder, Harry Matthews.

  17. Due to company restructure, Saltire Court exhibition closes and artefacts return to store.

  18. ScottishTelecom "World of Communications" exhibition opens in Saltire Court, Edinburgh.

  19. Small display is set up at the Museum of Flight, East Fortune.

  20. Exhibition runs throughout the year at the Almond Valley Heritage Centre, Livingston.

  21. Harry Matthews transfers ownership of his Collection to the MoCFT. Tenure of the Bo'ness premises expires and the Collection, now about 30 tonnes, goes into storage.

  22. Participation in the Edinburgh International Science Festival. The MoCFT becomes a registered company with charitable status and an Associate Member of the Scottish Museums Council.

  23. The Museum of Communication Foundation Trust (MoCFT) is established to safeguard the Collection.

  24. The first season-long exhibition opens in the Heritage Trust premises in Bo'ness.

  25. Harry Matthews receives an award from visiting Chinese museum delegates, one of only two awarded in the UK, the other goes to the Science Museum in London.

  26. The 16+ tonnes Collection moves to Bo'ness, at the invitation of Bo'ness Heritage Trust, for storage and future display.

  27. The Collection has now developed into the Museum of Communication and is growing rapidly.

  28. Harry Matthews starts his Wireless Collection by rescuing and restoring an old wireless.