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1992 - Our First Attempt!
1992 - Our First Attempt!

Three times a year our 'In-House' magazine 'Transmitting' is published and distributed to our members, free of charge.

We try to keep the contents as varied and interesting as possible, so as to appeal to all readers - but it wasn’t always easy! Our first Transmitting, in 1992, was in A4 ‘Newsletter’ format, consisting of 4 pages - which took far longer to produce than the 20-page A5 version we use today!!

This was before the days of affordable digital cameras, when we laboured to show images that could be reproduced with any degree of satisfaction……

These were the Dark Days of ‘Cut and Paste’: sometimes the images reproduced so badly that we were immediately catapulted back to Square One…. Stories usually had to be typed up from handwritten notes and the thoughts of designing The Cover filled us with apprehension and dread.... we considered this our greatest challenge! Days Long Gone – thank goodness!!

'Transmitting' contains a rich mix of technical and topical articles, details of the collection and general news of 'Goings-On' at the Museum. With members as far away as Japan and Australia, this is an excellent way of maintaining contact.......after all, we are The Museum of COMMUNICATION!!